Our purpose is to serve communities neglected by government funding and traditional community support systems.  To bring resources to urbanized communities that will provide education, learning and job opportunities, youth and senior empowerment in addition to community restoration; while creating mechanisms for community support and development
Walk With Me
Community Improvement Center
Our objective is to provide resources in low-income, at - risk and minority communities and assist with community development and resident empowerment.  To motivate individuals to become involved in their community by promote the "self help" philosophy. To create sources for low, working class, middle class, and moderate-income families providing extra curriculum activities for their children that would otherwise be unaffordable. Additionally, we aim to empower and support the senior citizens in such communities by providing day activities, traditional and non traditional support services.
Some People See The Way Things Are And Ask Why?
I Dream Of Things That Never Were And Say.....Walk With Me.
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