The Walk With Me Community Center was founded in Missouri City, Texas in 2004 with the mission to “Educate, Empower and Improve”. During its inaugural year the community center provided the Hold My Hand Summer Mentoring Camp for 562 low-income Missouri City/Houston children. These children, under the guidance of their community center, elders and staff members, dedicated many hours to community service tasks that ranged from assisting the homeless to beautifying their communities. Additionally, they spent a large amount of time devoted to improving their studies and advancing themselves in the fields of English, Mathematics and Cultural History.

This concept of a community center, is one that provide a haven for children to develop academic skills and to express themselves through the arts, has proven to be a continual and dominant need to the many communities that we’ve serviced. In 2007, the organization enrolled 250 children in the summer program and served more than 150. Walk With Me C.I.C. developed a grounded academic enrichment program for these students and also partnered with a Houston Public Library Branch to offer after school snacks and tutorials. Students, many of whom had not had the opportunity to travel before due to their family’s financial capabilities, were able to go on an educational expedition in Atlanta; one during which they were able to visit Morehouse University, Spellman University. The Martin Luther King Jr. Center and the Civil Rights Museum, to name a few locations.

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