LaToyia McDonald– Porter  was born June 8, 1979 in Houston Texas to teenage parents.  At three years of age her father was incarcerated leaving her mother, young and alone with a child to raise.  She met the man that she would recognize for many years as her father when she was four years old.   In the beginning the relationship was steady and secure but shortly after he and her mother married things would change drastically and LaToyia would be caught in the middle.  At age six LaToyia begin to be sexually abused by her stepfather; something that she endured for 7 long years. 
In addition to being sexually abused she and her mother were victims of severe domestic violence that would often leave them running for safety. As a young girl LaToyia decided that no child should be subjected to the cruel and life altering abuse that she endured.   It was these obstacles that created the drive inside of her to not only succeed but also educate and prevent such tragedies from occurring to other individuals. 
When asked why this organization is so important to her she answers with a modest response saying,
" If I can reach one family, help one child and stop some hurt than I have done what I was born to do. If through my suffering and pain I can make a difference in someone’s life than it would all be worth it."
A young woman with a burning desire to change the conditions found in low-income, at risk and minority communities and to prevent abuse among children began her crusade to educate, prevent and improve the quality of life among minorities. 

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