Our mission is to Educate, Empower & Improve the quality of life for individuals and the families in low income and at risk communities by promoting community involvement and awareness through a variety of programs and activities with emphasis on:

  • Community Activeness, Responsibility &  Involvement
  • Academic Enrichment and Excellence
  • Promoting Higher Education and Continuing Education
  • Eradicating the academic gap for children in low income communities
  • Advancing the understanding of  technology
  • Economic Training
  • Unity
  • Implementing, Encouraging and  advancing Family Support Initiatives
  • Senior Citizen Empowerment and Support
  • Eliminating the Homeless Epidemic
  • HIV/A.I.D.S Education
  • Health Education
  • Finance and Credit Education
  • Equality for All
  • Faith

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Community Improvement Center
28660 Montana Street
LaCombe LA, 70445
Office Phone: 985-218-9494
Office Phone: 985-218-9496
Fax: 985-218-9495
Emergency Crisis: 504-473-9321