The Village Coalition is a consortium of faith based and community organizations, business owners, community leaders, elected officials, educators and residents systematically designed to develop a network of resources and support for the families and youth of New Orleans and surrounding areas.  Members of the Coalitions are divided into districts representing the varying areas of the city and neighboring parishes.  The goal for each district is to gather resources and disseminate information to its residents in an effort to create a comprehensive network of support capable of providing information and referrals to residents in an effort to holistically meet the needs of the community.  To effectively meet this goal each district will be responsible for conducting a community needs survey.  The information gathered from each district will help provide statistical information on the needs of that district and assist with the develop of the community action plan. 

The purpose of the consortium is to collect information to be compiled into a community action plan that identifies, documents, and address through cooperative actions the unmet needs of the community and the residents in each district.

The group will provide valuable insight and information on available resources thus providing residents with choices and limiting and/or eliminating the duplication of services.  
Ultimately, the work of the Village Coalition will provide the city with an action plan to combat the violence, illiteracy and poverty that has overwhelmed the city. This plan will afford the coalition the
opportunity to develop a comprehensive network of support that is continually updated and maintained, providing residents with a “one-stop-shop” for referrals, information, and assistance. 

The Vision is to eliminate the “run-around” process that is often associated with obtaining information on services or available resources.  The city of New Orleans and the surrounding parishes encompass a plethora of organizations with opportunities and resources that are often left untapped because the residents of the community are unaware of the existence of the services. The “crabs in a bucket” mentality often invades the nonprofit sector preventing legitimate organizations from working together to heal the community.  In the long run, it is this mentality the prevents the growth of the community and eventually leads to the slow demise of communities that once held so much potential for economic growth. 

This Coalition embodies the philosophy of “the Village” in that when we ALL work together…..Things get done!  

To become a member of The Village Coalition please contact Walk With Me CIC at 985-218-9494 or email

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed , it is the only thing that ever has.”  

                                                  -  Margaret Mead

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